London’s Burning | London

London 1666 was designed by American artist David Best, working in collaboration with Artichoke and involved months of learning and participation work with young people across several boroughs adjacent to the City of London. Hundreds of schoolchildren took part in integrated drawing and history workshops in schools across these boroughs. The project also offered young Londoners not in education, employment or training a potentially life-changing opportunity to take part in the construction of the piece. All involved received an introduction to the construction and creative industries and the opportunity to gain a CSCS certificate and further employment qualifications.

Geetanjali’s work responsibilities included conceptualising, co- ordinating and executing the display of wooden discs with laser cut drawings of School children showing their future hopes for London working with councils from four different boroughs of London- Tower Hamlets, Islington, Hackney and Camden. The role transitioned to managing volunteers, artist liaising for various talks and other exhibitions on the theme- ‘How will cities deal with crisis in the future?’ as part of the project and eventually assisting on the grand finale day burning a 120 m long wooden structure designed by David Best on Thames River on the 4th September, coinciding with the same day when the incident occurred 350 years ago.