Adaptive Re-use Proposal for Vaults in Fort St. Elmo | Malta

Team: Geetanjali Sayal, Nozomi Koseki (Central Saint Martins, London), Andre Mallia, Kris Tabone, Nathaniel Grech (University of Malta)

The proposal was to create an Arts and Film School in a location that has an existing
connection with the movie industry. The modularity of the facade reflects a potential to adapt and change its character according to the function it inhabits. Instead of foreign film makers bringing their sets and crew, the school will provide resources, which allows students to have real working experience enhancing their skills, as well as making positive economical impact on Malta. This school links lower St. Elmo with the rest of Valletta and Malta by providing an open access to the local public. The work of the students that will be exhibited will also help to engage locals with the site. At the same time, taking advantage of its geographical strength, it acts as a platform to connect different cultures surrounding Malta by hosting international Art and/or Film events.

Top Image Source: Malta RAMC