Bottle Festoon | Lumiere London

As part of Lumiere London 2018, Bottle Festoon (an original concept of artist Thadian Pillai) communities from 6 outer boroughs of London- Redbridge, Sutton, Greenwich, Croydon, Lambeth and Walthamstow were engaged in workshops to create glittering, icicle like chandeliers made from white or green plastic bottles. The workshops were suitable for all ages and children from 8+, which became a fantastic outing for the family, and a gave a chance to meet new people from the community. This initiative supported by the Mayor of London was a way to increase the footprint of the festival in far off zones from Central London, and for communities to feel ownership even if they physically couldn’t attend the festival.

Geetanjali represented Artichoke to run this community engaged programme, where she successfully facilitated 200 Chandeliers made from 6000 plastic bottles collected from a recycling waste unit of a prison. She supported the artists in each borough to conduct workshops in 17 schools where 400 school children took part of year 4, 5 and 6. The workshops were successful in engaging 500 community participants across 24 community groups though a mixture of public drop in sessions, elderly groups, office staff, theatre groups, mental health charity service users, across all ages in 6 London Outer Boroughs.

The chandeliers were then exhibited in various locations of Central London for a wider audience to see the works, which were then exhibited back in the same boroughs they were made the people of.

Image Credits: Artichoke Trust